Pork fillet

High-quality meat directly from the farm

The value of origin

All animals are born on the farm. The focus is on species-appropriate animal husbandry, silage-free and GMO-free fodder. 

The calves grow up with their mothers and receive the best possible quality of life with the juicy, spicy grasses from their own natural alpine meadows and silage-free feed. This type of feeding gives the meat omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which are essential and healthy fats. Pure nature gives the meat its unique character

Slaughter is particularly stress-free for the animal. The subsequent triggering and processing take place directly on the farm.

Excellent quality

Our products have labels that prove and confirm their high quality: Quality Mark Roter Hahn, quality Mark South Tyrol and Blue-Blanc-Coeur. In order to receive these quality marks, our company is inspected at regular intervals and by independent instances.